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Super Green Juice Powder brings you 44 of the world’s healthiest organic Superfoods including Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa and Wheat grass, all together in one convenient and tasty scoop. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its renowned nutritional qualities. Together these Superfoods help to reset your metabolism, cleanse your system, and fuel sustained energy. Nothing artificial, no added sugar and with Organic Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries it is the only Superfood I found that tastes great. Read the supplement facts above for full valuations.

Way to go with Super Greens9 minute video
Just like you need a good oil to lubricate your engine and you need good quality gasoline to keep it running well, the same applies to your body. SenTraMin Minerals spin up your engine and Super Greens are the premium fuel to keep you running smoothly. Do your best to avoid processed packaged foods and drinks. Eat organic vegan food whenever possible. You will be amazed how in just a few weeks you will feel great. Continue the healthy path and your chances of living to a ripe old age without ailments or medications increases dramatically.

This 14 minute video explains why our water and food lack minerals.

Most of our rivers and lakes are polluted. The water and land no longer contain the abundance of minerals from the natural deposits we once had. We have farmed the life out of the soil or destroyed it with chemicals and pesticides.

Even the Romans two thousand years ago were selective where they bought grain to feed their army.

This 6 minute video explains the health crisis that begins from childhood. Nutrient Deficient – Are you and your kids under nourished? ​

Many of you know that my Three Steps Healing Program on this website contains lots of information about health, diet, detox and nutrition. SenTraMin contains no less than 70 whole plant trace and essential minerals. I have used it myself for more than three years with incredible results. The Super Green Juice Powder I have used for more than twenty years since being diagnosed with liver failure. Needless to say, my liver recovered thanks to a detox with Super Greens Juice Powder. 

I personally recommend these two products to anyone seeking optimum health.

I do my best to avoid processed packaged foods and drinks. Most of my diet today is organic vegan. I eat raw fruits, vegetables, salads, seeds and nuts. It was not an overnight change. It took me months to gradually make the healthy vegan transition, one day, one step at a time. When you do, your taste buds change where you no longer crave the toxic junk you once desired and you automatically consume less volume. Less volume because hunger pains are actually your body sending signals to your brain that you lack minerals and nutrition. This is why people feast on junk food and two hours later feel hungry again. The food did not supply what the body needed. Everybody who goes the natural healthy vegan route loses excess body fat. So not only will you feel better, you will look better too. Win- Win!!!

When you way up the costs of consuming less volume by eating better quality food, in most cases the numbers do not put you out of pocket. However, long term if you factor in prescriptions, medical costs and surgery you will likely need if you keep eating junk, the answer is clear. 

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We are living in the Ultimate Time with World–Wide Communication and Transportation allowing us to have almost anything we want or need at a reasonable cost. Now is your opportunity to begin a healthier and happy life.
What is the Magic Mineral Pill - How can I learn more and try it risk free? 

What is the Magic Nutrition Powder - How can I learn more and try it risk free? 

If you are considering buying multiple products and need direction on which of these would best suit your needs, please contact me and include your age, height, weight and health concerns. I take Sentramin Minerals and Super Greens daily but you might need more or less.


SenTraMin Minerals from $28.98

Sizzling Minerals from $17.45 
Immuno 150 from $34.98

Hunger Be Gone Minerals from $21.45 
OxyActin from $27.98
Super Greens from $67.95
Calm Hemp Oil from $69.00
Calm Pets Hemp Oil from $35.00
Topical Hemp Balm from $49.00
Zeolite detox from $28.95

If you need help deciding which supplements are right for you, please email me at with your age, height, weight and any health issues you are experiencing, present or past.

We Need Natural Whole Plant Minerals and Nutrition to Empower Our Bodies.
Most multi-vitamins and supplements today are filled with synthetics and isolates that are cooked up in labs using petrochemicals, yes, petrochemicals!

How to avoid fake supplements. Watch this incredible 10-minute video now.

Just give your body the right fuel, do not abuse it too much and it performs incredibly well year in and year out. 

If only there was a Magic Pill?

The problem for many is we are too busy trying to keep up with our hectic schedules. We cannot find the time to selectively shop daily for the right combination of fresh organic foods and then spend more time preparing them ready to eat. That problem no longer exists because now we have Natural Whole Plant Minerals in a bottle and Organic GMO Free Nutrition in a jar produced by top nutrition experts using only Mother Nature’s finest. 

This is the Magic Minerals Pill.


TESTIMONIAL: Hi Lyon - So nice to hear from you via your newsletter. I watched all the video links you sent and I’ve ordered the SenTraMin.  I was so happy to receive that info and I feel guided this is a good product for me to be taking. I have been waiting to hear your news about this magic pill. 

I just want to say thank you for all the research you have done and the time it took to do so, that makes it possible for those of us, who are totally ignorant about these things, to reap the benefits. I for one, sincerely appreciate you and thank you. I still take my Dr. Dean Magnesium and I continue drinking the distilled water with drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice as per the Power in Words article on your website.

I have been wanting something exactly like this, SenTraMin and Super Greens, because I don’t want to go back to taking 20 or more pills a day of vitamins and minerals as I did years ago.  Plus, I am eating way healthier now with your newsletter recommendations and am also listening to my body more and more as it approves your recommendations.  

Nancy C. AZ. USA.

The world is going through a health crisis. Easy access to low cost tasty but unhealthy foods and drinks combined with little or no formal health and diet education is mostly to blame.

Given the right fuel your body naturally regenerates cells constantly replacing almost every part of your body. Just like your hair and finger nails grow, so do other parts of your body. The skin takes just weeks, the liver a few months, even your bones renew within a couple years.

Reverse Premature Aging – Regain Strong Physical and Mental Health.

The Magic Formula – Minerals and Nutrition.

To activate our body so it can function and begin to absorb nutrition from food we need at least 60 trace and essential minerals. Our drinking water, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds no longer provide enough of the minerals our bodies need to break down and fully absorb nutrients from the food we eat. We have farmed the life out of the soil or destroyed it with chemicals and pesticides contaminating the water system that was once abundant with minerals. 

SenTraMin provides you with 70 of the purest natural plant based trace and essential minerals daily in two caplets.


This is the Magic Nutrition Powder - Super Greens Juice.


Nutrition and Lack of Nutrition. 
You are what you eat.5 minute video. 

The human body needs 91 Minerals and Nutrients every day to function properly and the full spectrum is no longer available in most of the food we eat nor the water we drink. We have farmed the life out of the soil or destroyed it with chemicals and pesticides contaminating the water system that was once abundant with minerals.

View this excellent 2-minute video now.This combination of 91 minerals and nutrients, originally provided in Mother Nature’s soil and water, gives your body what it needs to produce energy and a strong immune system for optimum physical and mental health. 

Two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling said; “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”  Quite simply, without MINERALS, nothing else works.  Amino acids and enzymes don’t work. Vitamins and other nutrients don’t get broken down and absorbed properly. The result is a chain reaction of poor health where nothing produces results as it should.

Your body is a machine, and, just like the engine in a car, it needs good quality fuel. However, if the engine does not have good lubrication (Oil), it will not start or worse it will seize up and die on you when you least expect it. The same applies to your body. Minerals are your lubricating Oil to keep everything moving.

If you are sick, lack energy and need repair or simply want to look and feel younger and build strength to maintain good health – SenTraMin with Super Greens gives you the minerals and nutrition you need daily for less than what you would pay for a cup of overpriced coffee. 

These two 3 minute videos explain the importance of Supplementary Minerals, Vitamins and Nutrition. 

Mineral Deficiency - 3 minute video. Peter Gliden MD.

Supply your body with good nutrients - 3 minute video. Mark Hyman MD.

The Human Body was Designed to Naturally Heal itself!

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