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Posted December 2014:

I have just received sad news that Laurence Payg passed away last week. Were it not for his devotion and 25 years of work studying the vibrational influences created by our names, my book Name Reality would not exist today. Laurence was an inspirational mentor. He touched the lives of many. My life, like many others, took a new positive direction when I changed my name using this ancient analysis system.

Laurence is perhaps best known for changing the name of aspiring model Laura Hollins to Agyness G. Deyn. One year later she was voted Model of the Year 2007 and became the face of Armani and Burberry. Laura was already signed to London Agency Models One. Absolutely nothing else about her circumstances changed. She stayed with the same agency, kept her hairstyle, her look and yet her life and career skyrocketed soon after her name change.

My condolences go out to his wife Hazel and his family.

RIP Laurence. 

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Laurence Y Payg
Professional Name Analyst
(1948 to 2014)