TESTIMONIAL: Hi Lyon - So nice to hear from you via your newsletter. I watched all the video links you sent and I’ve ordered the SenTraMin.  I was so happy to receive that info and I feel guided this is a good product for me to be taking. I have been waiting to hear your news about this magic pill.  

I just want to say thank you for all the research you have done and the time it took to do so, that makes it possible for those of us, who are totally ignorant about these things, to reap the benefits. I for one, sincerely appreciate you and thank you. I still take my Dr. Dean Magnesium and I continue drinking the distilled water with drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice as per the Power in Words article on your website.

I have been wanting something exactly like this, SenTraMin and Super Greens, because I don’t want to go back to taking 20 or more pills a day of vitamins and minerals as I did years ago.  Plus, I am eating way healthier now with your newsletter recommendations and am also listening to my body more and more as it approves your recommendations.  

Nancy C. AZ. USA.

Manufacturers Price $39.98 + $6.50 Shipping and Handling for 1 Bottle. 
Special Introductory Offer – Free Shipping and Handling in the USA.

Manufacturers Price $32.98 + $6.50 Shipping and Handling for 1 Bottle. 
Special Introductory Offer – Free Shipping and Handling in the USA.

I am proud to offer three wonderful products created and produced by Exceptional Health Products in Oklahoma, USA. The CEO and owner, Elmer Heinrich, recognized and appreciated my dedication towards health and wellness by making me an official distributor. These products are available for immediate delivery in the USA. Canada has a higher shipping cost. Delivery is available in England, Europe and Australia (scroll down to the bottom of page please). 

If you are considering buying multiple products and need direction on which products would best suit your needs, please contact me and include your age, weight and health concerns. I take Sentramin Minerals and Super Greens daily but you might need more or less.

SenTraMin Minerals is a truly unique product and the key to creating ultimate health and wellbeing. There is nothing on the market that comes close to providing these essential minerals the body needs for optimum function.

The human body needs 60 Essential Minerals every day to function properly and the full spectrum is no longer available in most of the food we eat nor the water we drink. We have farmed the life out of the soil or destroyed it with chemicals and pesticides contaminating the water system that was once abundant with minerals. Please view the videos on the previous page.

SenTraMin provides you with 70 of the purest natural plant based essential and trace minerals daily in a couple caplets.

Immuno 150 Quantity

OxyActin – Main Ingredient- Aloe Vera.

If you are in poor health there are three great supplements that will get you back on the right track. Sentramin Minerals, Super Greens and OxcyActin.

OxyActin contains the finest Aloe Vera. Read here why the Egyptians called Aloe the plant on immortality and decide for yourself.

Article:  What aloe vera does in your body and why Egyptians called it the plant of immortality

SenTraMin Quantity


Immuno 150
If you are already in great shape and want an excellent maintenance supplement at a low cost, this is probably the best option you will find on today’s marketplace. It combines a good measure of the 70 trace and essential minerals as found in Sentramin plus 80 additional nutrients.

​​Shipping to Canada.

The above 3 products can be shipped to Canada. Any order going to Canada has to be shipped International and it has to have insurance to guarantee delivery.

Cost to ship 1 to 3 bottles can be $30 or more.

Cost to ship 4 to 12 bottles can be $40 or a lot more.

Please contact me with your requirements and I will give you my best inclusive price. 

SenTraMin Minerals shipping to England, Europe and Australia. 

Always use this link https://www.simplynaturals.com/123862 and contact me if you have questions or need assistance. (Copy this link to your browser.)

When the page opens, first click your country at the top right of the page and then click on Shop. When the Shop page opens, click Minerals on the left side of the page. Simply Naturals offer the Minerals in three configurations. Regular Caplet, Powder (great to lightly sprinkle on your food) and Sizzling Minerals with a yummy taste that kids love. 

They do offer a discount when you sign up for monthly auto ship and they also offer earn with us discount program. The earn with us has a monthly subscription of $6.99, so I suggest you buy the product first and consider your options later depending upon the volume you want to buy.

Lyon Zonamyari

Helping People Change the Way They Live Their Lives

OxyActin Quantity

Manufacturers Price $31.98 + $6.50 Shipping and Handling for 1 Bottle.​
Special Introductory Offer – Free Shipping and Handling in the USA.