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Helping People Change the Way They Live Their Lives.

​​​​​Services and Fees

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My book, Name Reality,  describes and demonstrates how to use this system. EBook available at SmashWords.
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If you do not have the time to read and study or want the benefit of my expertise, you can choose from the options below.

​​​​​​​​​​Name analysis is a one-time service.I provide you with a lifetime chart. 

Some systems that look into your life have you going back for more information over and over, each time with another fee to pay.

If you want to contact me for a personal consultation, these are my fees.

If you require multiple services I can usually provide a discount.

If in doubt, please contact me so I can advise you which service best suits your needs.

A 30 minute consultation by phone or Skype to discuss general aspects of your names is US $50. 

If you decide to opt for any of my analysis services below the $50 is deducted from the price.

My fee to fully analyze your names is US $194 including a one hour follow up consultation. 

This very detailed personalized analysis provides electronic documentation of all your legal names, together with your lifetime ninety-nine year events chart and my voice recordings with both an overview for the balance of your names and the letter combinations in your events chart. This information allows you to read, view and understand your life from birth, now and beyond. The follow up consultation usually runs for at least one hour, mostly discussing your life events chart and to answer any and all questions you may have. I read your future projections so you know when to take advantage of the good times and teach you ways to minimize potential negative forecasts.

Some clients prefer to read my book, calculate their own charts and then request a phone conversation to discuss specific details. My fee for a phone or Skype conversation including my pre-call preparation to check and assess the charts you send to me is US $97. 

Compatibility. Research shows that even if you have balanced names and a positive events chart, if your partner or somebody emotionally close to you does not, their negative chart can reflect upon you. The same works in reverse where your positive chart can assist or soften the negatives for your partner. This can also apply to business partners. An additional documented analysis processed at the same time as your personal analysis to cross reference and discuss the charts for you and your partner is now available. Two documented name analyses with one consultation is US $349.

Business names. I can work with you to create or modify your business name to balance suitably with the type of work you specialize in. This also includes a favorable website name and primary email address. I also include social media names, phone numbers and more. My flat fee is  US $394.

Baby Names. If you are expecting a baby, this is the perfect time to explore the potential of this incredible name system. The more you have studied my book and understand the basics, the faster we can create names for your new born. I can guide you step by step through this process. Ultimately, the final choice of name is always yours. Creating names can run into many hours over several days. My flat fee to create balanced names for your baby with full documentation is  US$491

Change or Modify Your Names in most cases first requires a name analysis of your life from birth to the present day, priced at $194. It is important we fully understand everything about you before we create a healthy happy vibrant new name for you. We must keep your original strengths, remove any weak areas and introduce new vibrant balanced energy. I provide a complete service working with you to change or modify your name. The more you have studied my book and understand the basics, the faster we can work together creating new names. I guide you step by step through this process and this purchase includes my Excel Tools for speed and accuracy. Ultimately, the final choice of names is always yours. Creating, changing or modifying your names can often require 15 to 25 hours of your time and my time over several days or weeks working at a pace comfortable for you within a maximum 3 month period. My flat fee to work with you creating your new names including full documentation including a legal Change of Name Deed or Declaration is US $698. 

If you book the full service name analysis with name change service the inclusive discounted price is US $849.

Learn Name Analysis skills.

Work Tools

A full set of my work tools with a program SPECIFICALLY designed to make easy work converting names to numbers and producing instant events charts, is available for download to your computer. You will need Microsoft Office or similar to use the Excel Program.

This set for US $151 with a free 30 minute follow up consultation includes everything you need to practice analysing names of family and friends.

The set consists of several easy to read one page formats that you can print and laminate;

1. Primary and Undertone letter to number tables quick calculation. 

2. A to Z definitions, full version and one page quick view.

3. Reduced numbers for quick personality assessment.

4. Reduced numbers guide to health.

5. Sensitive Numbers/Names requiring close attention.

6. The 64 personalities formatted one to a page that you can email, print or cut and paste. 

7. Client instructions for part one, how to understand your personality traits.

8. Client instructions for part two, how to read your chart events.

9. Example names with numbers already calculated.

10. Name Change Declaration and/or Legal Change of Name Deed Poll Document.

11. Name Change Instructions.(10 and 11 are available separate from the full program for $50)

12. Last but not least are the two specially created Excel programs that instantly calculate the number for any name and create a lifelong chart. One for Primary and one for Undertone.

The Excel programs have a one year life and can be bought separate from the full program for $50 and can be renewed each year thereafter for $25 each. 

​A popular choice for longer conversations discussing multiple names, creating new names or simply to develop your skills using this incredible system is to prepay  multiple time blocks at US $88 per hour.  Book three hours for $268 and get the fourth hour Free. Use the time over a three month period in increments of 30 minutes or by the hour. You will discover I am very generous with my time. I do not check the clock minute by minute.

Learn Name Analysis skills and become a Professional Name Analyst.

I can teach you how to produce a full documented name analysis and guide you through the name change/creation process. When you are familiar with my work tools package you can start practicing on family and friends. When you take on your first clients I am there to assist especially when you progress to the delicate art of name change and name creation.

This requires approximately 30 hours of our joint time and many additional hours of you practicing this incredible system

All of the above with my one-on-one tuition is available to a limited number of students each year for $1299 inclusive.