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Posted 4th February 2014:

The letter U. I wrote about my personal experience with the letter U on page 5 of my book. The letter U must always be given careful consideration and attention. I would like to add that in my case of the letter U coinciding with my business failures, was in part due to the other letters in my chart assisting towards my financial woes. On one occasion I had another letter U from my surname which doubled the losses. On another occasion, the U was combined with the letter O which signifies money and stability, hence loss of money and stability. Therefore my point is the the letter U does not have to always be associated with financial loss. Loss comes in many forms, sometimes it can be something relatively small. Just because your name is Paul it does not mean you are heading towards bankruptcy. When I was age 8, 9, and 10, I was in the letter U. During this time I LOST interest at school and dropped from top of the class to bottom of the class. Due to my personality mix I also became disruptive throughout these three years. However after my eleventh birthday when I went into the letter L for change and advancement, I did exactly that and resumed my studies and excelled at sports.

The letter U is not typically associated with death. However if you are in a precarious position and this letter is in your chart, it will not aid your situation. The letter U in a primary chart lasts for three years and is at it's maximum force is half way through the cycle.

Phillip 46/35 Seymour 35/37 Hoffman 36/27 (Loucks 18/36) Dob 23 July 1967.

Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman tragically died of a drug overdose just a few days ago. To the very month, he was in the middle of the letter U. His names by number do not immediately suggest drug and alcohol problems He could be extrovert at times (from his birth date of 23) and also the opposite, very introvert and reserved at other times (from the 36/27 and 18/36). Not the best combination and his other names did little to add any balance or control. This combined with his events chart suggests his life was a roller coaster with extreme highs and lows from the many positive letters C, K, L, N and P battling with the negative letters F, H and U. He was a great talent and will be missed by many. I personally loved his onscreen performances. R.I.P.

Venezuelan ex president Hugo Chavez died last year from cancer. He too was in the letter U and had names related to personality number 8 which makes the person more susceptible to growths, tumors and cancer. The same can be said for the singer Robin Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees, who also sadly passed from cancer related problems in 2012 whilst in the letter U.

In my book I promised you updates, including any new research and developments. 

Research will be ongoing. I welcome readers to share their experiences. Here are my new findings since publishing Name Reality  last November 2013.

Posted March 2015:

Typo error. Page 14 of the paperback has a typo error spotted by an attentive reader named Claudia. Near the bottom of the page the numbers are summarized for John Michael Smith Jones and shows the last number as 55. This number should be 25, the number of the day he was born. Sorry for any confusion and thank you, Claudia. Book was revised 2018.

Posted 30th January 2014:

The letter R - multiple letter R's in the same year in a person's events chart.

More than one R or R's with A's and E's always trigger an alarm saying beware. One R makes you active, two or more R's make you overactive, mentally or physically. Two or three R's can potentially lead to a multitude of problems especially if the R's are exaggerated further with single or double letters A and E in the same year.


My recent research shows that people with balanced names that include primary personality numbers that reduces to a 1, such as 10, 19, 28, 35, 46 and 55, are already active by their name. This in many cases has given the person some resistance to the negative side of multiple R's. They will still be busy, active and rushing around, but tend to deal with it better than those who do not have 1's in their name.

The letter X - Clumsy or Accident prone but very dependent upon other letters in the chart.

This letter is an ongoing work in progress. Although not a frequently used letter, it does come up in names like Max, Maxwell, Maxine or Alex, Alexander and Alexandra to name a few. To date, I have yet to find somebody who has died from an accident when this letter was in their chart. Some people have come forward describing having had difficulties from the X when contributed with other negative letters in the same year. Recent research with the help of Sharon Lynn Wyeth indicates the letter X can cancel out influences from other letters that year. The X can produce high sexual tension or arousal throughout the person's life and especially when the letter is active in the chart. If you or somebody you know has the letter X and would like to share information, please let me know.